Social and environmental responsibility of technology companies.

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  • recycle

    How does the IT industry support the climate and why to such a limited extent?

    The technology sector is already responsible for 4% of global greenhouse gas emissions, and the world giants are trying to outdo each other with pro-environmental solutions. Whereas for most IT companies in Poland, ecology is limited to double-sided printing. In the report, we suggest how to change it and present the eco-leaders of the Polish technology sector.

  • support

    Is invoicing the only thing that matters? Best practices applied by Polish ITC companies for the common good

    On the one hand - Polish IT sets international volunteering standards. On the other - many national businesses refuse to get involved in anything. In the report, we introduce the best organizations and give tips to the latter group.

  • smile

    Code of ethics or “on our own terms”? What do we know about corporate governance?

    Diversity, ethics, compliance, codes and policies - a norm for some companies, an abstraction for others. Read about who is serious about governance and why it is worth implementing in the technology industry.

In search of leaders of change

We have checked how Polish IT companies approach sustainability, social responsibility and ESG. We have found the leaders and identified the most common attitudes, trends and challenges. All that has been described in the report, which can be downloaded here.

Download the study report

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About us

We are a group of experienced professionals with finance, strategic management, communication and marketing backgrounds. To us sustainability equals opportunity.

We are inspired by business, science, policies, art and travel and we use those ideas to connect the dots in tailored-made strategies. We believe that every firm serves an important social purpose and if it does it in a right way and communicates it effectively it creates value for all stakeholders across the value chain. We believe in small steps that lead to big changes and we help our clients along the journey.

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